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“I’m going to bed.”“Okay, I’m coming,” he announced, closing the refrigerator.“No.

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That’s attractive,” Changkyun’s head snapped up at the sound of your voice. Coming to a conclusion he thought made him a peacemaker, he offered, “I’ll make you another pie! I’ll do it right now,” he said, wiping his sticky hands off on the closest rag.

His face was stuffed full of the pie that had been sitting on the counter, staring him in the face all day. Your pie whose recipe took about two and a half hours last night to perfect. ”Changkyun knew that it was a rhetorical question and that he shouldn’t answer but he couldn’t help it. The least he could do was congratulate you for your good job, right? He truthfully didn’t remember one ingredient that went into the recipe, but he’d still try.“Changkyun,” you started. Consider this a trade.”“I told you I’d make you a new one.

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