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Instead of registering a component on a computer during deployment, you create Win32-style manifest files at design time that contain information about binding and activation.

These manifest files, rather than registry keys, direct the activation of an object.

The Share dialog gives people the ability to publish an individual story to their timeline, a friend's timeline, a group, or in a private message on Messenger.

This does not require Facebook Login or any extended permissions, so it is the easiest way to enable sharing on the web.

Using registration-free activation for your assemblies instead of registering them during deployment offers two advantages: This section describes the two types of manifests needed for registration-free COM interop: application and component manifests. An application manifest, which is created by an application developer, contains metadata that describes assemblies and assembly dependencies.

A component manifest, created by a component developer, contains information otherwise located in the Windows registry.

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We offer expert matchmaking, scientific compatibility testing, photo profiling and headhunting to maximise your success and match you with the most compatible person.

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