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Clockwise, from top left: Rachel Ruvinsky, 22; Sam Brehm, 21; Bennett Marschner, 26; and Hannah Schott, 22.

Meetup and Facebook are good ports of call, too, with public polyamory groups in most capital cities.Where does a polycurious or polyamorous person get started if they want to find like-minded people to connect with, or a polyamorous relationship in the land down under?The best place to start is to sign up to our poly dating online site, search for the Poly Finda app in your app store.(You can read about them here.) In the course of my reporting, I spoke to several experts on polyamory. Franklin Veaux, a sex educator and co-author of “More Than Two: A Practical Guide to Ethical Polyamory,” has five partners — and all of his partners have other partners.Here are some of their views on who’s drawn to consensual non-monogamy and what types of challenges arise when it comes to raising a family or creating a life with multiple partners. He notes that he knows people in their 20s up through their 80s who are in polyamorous relationships.

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