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Many Romans were afraid the world would end in the year 1000 (1000 years since the founding of the city of Rome, which we call 247 AD), and the first big Roman persecution of Christians grew out of that fear.As people converted to Christianity, though, they wanted to count their years by Christian events and not Greek festivals or Roman emperors. feels that since this is a Christian dating system, based on when Jesus was born, it's misleading people to try to hide that. She holds a doctorate in Classical Art and Archaeology from the University of Michigan.

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Free CAD is based on Open Cas Cade, a powerful geometry kernel, features an Open Inventor-compliant 3D scene representation model provided by the Coin 3D library, and a broad Python API. Free CAD runs exactly the same way on Windows, Mac OSX and Linux platforms. Get it this week for just .99, five dollars off the regular price of .99. stands for Before Christ, and it means the number of years before the birth of Jesus Christ. Check out our new ebook: Short and Simple: Ancient Greek Myths! Twenty-five easy to read, illustrated stories, from Pandora to Medea, Icarus, and the Trojan Horse (you can read these online as samples).Parameters can be introduced into models by assigning them a parameter name.The main functions that are used are: The type function Number() allows a general numerical parameter to be defined by an expression.

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