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The magic of the film is in its very simplicity, bare as it is of special effects or overly dramatic plotting.

It's spurred a generation of imitators that all keep trying to capture the magic and the chemistry of that movie and unfortunately most can't survive the comparison to that wonderful film.

An attraction forms when a Chinese American girl visiting Hong Kong for the first time meets an American expat who shows her the way, but timing may not quite be on their side.

A walk and talk romance set in the beautiful city of Hong Kong, the film asks the question - what happens when you meet the right person at the wrong time?

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But if you're a man, be prepared - you'll still likely be footing the bill on all first dates.It’s believed that one in five Hong Kong women born today will remain single for the rest of their lives.Phoebe, 24 and a newly qualified lawyer, is already feeling pressure to find a life partner in the next couple of years.“Most of my single girl friends are all panicking about finding their other half now because men have a tendency to favor younger girls,” she explains.“The traditional Chinese dating culture is as soon as someone asks you out for a cup of coffee, you’re exclusive, that you should just date this one person,” she said.Related: Chinese Americans Find Love on Specialty Dating Site While that mindset might be changing, Chinese living in Canada still tend to be more conservative than their counterparts elsewhere, according to the survey.

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